Face recognition system for offline marketing
qbo marketing

Apply the face recognition program for a detailed study of your offline audience and solving marketing problems.

Product features

Product features

Recognition faces of
family and neighbors

VIP customer recognition

Recognition of persons with black list

qbo.one device

Staff control

Recognizing the emotions of visitors

Access control in the room

Building loyalty program

Detailed study of the audience and visitor behavior

See how it works

See how it works

  • Last visit was yesterday
  • Woman
  • positive
  • 27-30 years
  • 7 visits
qbo face
  • Upload your face lists
  • Receive SMS, Email – notifications, emergency notification of visits
  • See detailed analytics on visits and keep statistics
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How to start the system

What you need to do to qbo began its work

qbo relationship

Call the connection center

qbo for organizations

Install the device

qbo filling

Download face lists
for control

qbo system

Choose a tariff plan

qbo pay


Order qbo

Order qbo

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